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Press the covers to get a better idea on the novels themselves and my plans for sequels and side stories. 




Take a look into a boy's diary to discover his outlook on life and how he beat addiction.


"Gods of Piloria"

Someone has placed a curse on the Earth, making the human race fall to non-existence. See how the gods handle it, and how they figure out who betrayed them.

All is Fair Cover.jpg


"All is Fair in War and Dragon Scales"

About two boys who learn to control magic and train dragons with a war on the horizon.



About a boy who has been isolated from society for fifteen years. He's allowed to live amongst everyone else, but he needs to keep his abilities locked away, which has proven to be difficult when you're in a public high school.

CHARLIE book cover.JPG

*None of the art used on my covers were made by me*

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