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Cora loved being invisible. When she's not being seen, it's the only time she can relax...

*None of the art showcased in my covers are made by me*

Charlie is a young boy who spent his entire life away from society. Moving into a place, filled with people and new

experiences, can be quite stressful for

someone who's lived away from it for 15

years and has a very good reason to stay

on the down-low. His abilities are growing

rapidly, and he doesn't have very good

control over them. He's just trying to fit in.

Angel is the nerd of his high school,

completely committed to his studies and

trying not to let anyone get in his way.

When Charlie comes along he quickly

comes to realize that there's something

off about him, but at the same time, he's

someone who helped him realize that his

happiness may be more important than

success. But what is Charlie hiding? 

Read a story about a boy who was

thrusted into a new life, and how

everybody around him reacts to his mysterious presence.


All Gas, No Brakes

All Adler wanted was some peace and quiet, and it seemed like, to him, that that was simply too much to ask for.


Until he met the pretty boy that ran a cute tiny flower shop in the uptown shopping district.

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