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The Black Blood Duology

All is Fair in War
and Dragon Scales

A prophecy is building... Two special boys are born and sent to the KSDL. Kings School for Dragon Leaders is a school and haven for lost and abandoned children. At first look, the castle the school is in, looks like any other royal castle. What's inside is where things get weird. The entire school is filled with powerful dragons and dragon leaders, and scholars taught to have their own magic. When Cailin and Finley come onto the KSDL's doorstep with no parents for miles, their presences are looked up and down upon. They are both very different from the other scholars, and their abilities are constantly tested as their bond grows bigger and bigger. This is what the prophecy has been waiting for, and now it can commence.

All is Fair in War and Love

Life for king's that rule kingdoms can be difficult. Especially since the world around you is changing, and you're staying exactly the same.  ​ With new technology being developed and used, Black and Golden Ridge are stuck in the past. With no knowledge of the world outside their own, the outside world has knowledge of them. And they're growing curious.  A little too curious.


The side story to All is Fair in War and Dragon Scales. King was always the "bad guy." King was always the "mysterious guy." King was always the "powerful guy." He goes by many names, for a mage as powerful as him has many enemies.  Some enemies, are much stronger than he is.

Revised Version

Unrevised Versions

*None of the art showcased on my covers were made by me*

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